11/18/2021 Webinar: Navigating the Challenge of the National Vaccine Mandates


With the release of two emergency temporary standards (ETS) on vaccines and increasing customer requests for vaccinated techs, the industry is facing uncertainty in how to operate. If your company services any health care facility, holds a federal contract or has 100 or more employees then tune in to hear the latest on the vaccine mandates. If your company is getting requests for vaccinated techs, then you should also join us to know how to handle these questions. Hear about what is in both of the ETS rules, where legal challenges stand, and how to handle increasing requests for vaccinated technicians.


8/31/2021 Webinar: Navigating the Challenges of Employee Vaccinations


Challenging times call for creative solutions. Commercial customers are demanding that only vaccinated employees can enter their facilities. You cannot operate your routes when unvaccinated employees are out sick due to Covid-19. NPMA assembled a panel of industry leaders and HR experts to provide some insights on what measures are being taken to navigate these unique issues. Hear candid feedback from pest control company owners on what is working to encourage a vaccinated workplace and what is not. During these challenging times we need to work together to help our industry continue to succeed and prosper.

Thank you to our panelists for their participation:

  • Bobby Jenkins, President, ABC Home and Commercial Services
  • Kylie Luff, Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, Seay Management Consultants
  • John Myers, President and CEO, Rentokil NA
  • Ross Treleven, President, Sprague Pest Solutions


Additional Resources

Click here to view NPMA's spreadsheet regarding state plans for the voluntary COVID-19 vaccine.

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Employers Might Require Vaccinations, Legal Experts Say
By Marco Poggio, Law360



Vaccine Update for Canadian Pest Management Professionals

Vaccines are widely available in Canada, and the government has indicated it will begin mandating vaccines for specific sectors. Federal employees will be required to show proof of vaccination, although the date of implementation is unclear. It is also expected that vaccinations will be required in the federally regulated transportation sector—employees of and passengers on airlines, rail, and cruise ships— although the date of implementation is unclear. Those who are unable to be vaccinated (which the government has determined is different than those who choose not be vaccinated) will likely be offered the option of  additional testing.

Below are some additional resources on vaccines in Canada. Have a questions not covered? Contact Ashley Amidon, NPMA VP of Public Policy at